29 May 2015

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AkSuccess is a unit of Alok Smart Appliances Private Limited; a manufacture / exporter of electrical equipments and appliances specially designed for domestic purpose. Ak Smart Appliances started with a modest beginning and today targeting entire country as its market. Right from design to production and from marketing to post sales service, a dedicated team is working with high valued efforts to keep up professional services and commitments towards its customers. All our products have flexible level of customization keeping in view of specific need and requirements of the consumers.

Any interested can enroll his/her name with AkSuccess by duly filling up an application form of "Plan of AkSuccess" at FREE of cost. After joining, to become an AK Business Owner (AKBO), you need to purchase a package of your own choice from our starter kits/ products. Just go on referring Ak's products and add happiness to your life.

From every new AKBO the introducing AKBO is eligible to get referral benefit of Rs.100/- for the first time.

From every new AKBO the senior AKBOs may get benefit of pair matching in 1:2 & 2:1 ratio and subsequent 1:1 ratio in the denomination of 50BV. Each Pair matching provides earning of Rs. 250/-. Basically the starter kit products are multiple of 50BVs so AKBO may keep on promoting the AK's products to the new customers/ AKBO to enjoy the benefits.
         The calculation of pair matching has capping of pairs on weekly basis i.e. from every Friday to next Thursday. So the AKBO can enjoy up to Rs. 15,000/- per week in this earning. The power side i.e. the residual BVs after matching pairs will be carry forwarded and leaving other side will be 0.

AkSuccess provides retail benefits up to 40% to all its AKBO associates on purchasing other than starter kit products.

For reaching out to the customer across the country AkSuccess appoints franchisee who stocks the bulk products and act as a Point-of-sale. The customer can avail all the products and facilities of companies in their neary by area. For becoming AkSuccess Franchisee 60 nos. of starter kits in minimum.

Besides the starter-kits, the company is bringing a wide range of products and services. The existing AKBOs can purchase them in regular basis and avail repurchase benefits from them. The repurchase benefits are not only from his own purchase but also from his team. The benefit is dynamic in nature and can be found out over the website "aksuccess.in".

1. All the awards are based on cumulative pairs as per the above slab.
2. The achiever can claim for the awards in next-to-next basis i.e once he/she achieves and opts for an award, his     cumulative pair balance is reduced by that many pairs required to achieve that award. From then onward the     achiever will have to start from the leftover pair balance and will have to qualify for the next award.
3. The awards achievers will be displayed over the website but distribution of the same will be performed on any     company's functions/ seminars.
4. In case of gift/ Cash converted Awards, all the statutory taxes will be applicable and deducted in     proportionately.

This is an additional incentive provided once in a year based on performance earning in one financial year(excluding repurchase benfits). The slabs of the incentive s are as follows:
Notes:- Calculation Period April To March Only.

1% of company's turnover is allocated for the AKBOs who has served the company in Join-up matching benefits with more than 500 pairs. This fund for that month are distributed among all the achievers till the previous month.

If any of our AKBO passes away in accident after 7days of his/ her joining then AkSuccess helps by paying 1% of the collection in that month to the claimants. In case of natural death then AkSuccess helps by paying 0.5% of the collection in that month to the claimants. The claimant must be able to produce the supporting certificates for the claim.

In cash of AKBO's accidental death, his/her nominee is entitle to get Rs. 2/- per new AKBO in that month.
Notes:- Family Security Benefit is only applicable to those associates who has earned minimum one Lakh through our marketing concept only.

Notes:- 1. Minimum payout release amount is Rs 250/-.
2. The deduction from the payout are as follows:
* Tds @5% For PAN holders & @30% for non-PAN holders
* Admin & Service Charge @10%
3. Weekly Earnings: Referral Benefits, Join-up Pair Benefits
4. Monthly Earnings: Royalty Benefits,Repurchase Benefits,
5. Annual Earnings: Special Bonus
6. Miscellaneous Earnings: Retail Benefits, Franchisee Benefits, Awards & Recognitions
7. Mishap Earnings: Death Benfits, Family & Secuity Benfits

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