Monthly Income Scheme (MIS)

AKBO may be opened by individual.AKBO can be purchase by cash/cheque and in case of cheque the date of realization of cheque in Company. account shall be date of opening of AK Business Owner (AKBO).
Nomination facility is available at the time of opening and also after associate of AK.
Any AKBO of associate can be purchase in any AK Store.
Joint AKBO can be opened by two or three adults. All joint AKBO holders have equal share in each joint account. Single account can be converted into Joint and Vice Versa.
Minor after attaining majority has to apply for conversion of the account in his name. Maturity period is 5 years.

Munsun Scheme

AK is a flexible, 8 months products booking scheme. This scheme will also help protect you against the rising products rates. Under this scheme you can book product every month for 8 months post you can redeem the products booked in form of AK Metro mart at product rate applicable at the time of redemption.

How does the scheme work?

1st Installment 1st Jan 2017
Amount paid ( For ex ) Rs 21000
(assuming) product rate on 1st Jan Rs 2625
Hence, product booked 1
2nd Installment 15th Feb 2017
Amount paid ( For ex ) Rs 10000
(assuming) product rate on 15th Feb Rs 3100
Hence, product booked 1


This process continues till the last installment in August 2017. Assuming that in 8 months you've booked 1 product, this is how you can redeem it.

Date of redemption 1st Sep 2017
Total product booked 2
(Assuming) product rate on 1st Sep Rs 3000
Total value of redemption Rs 24000

You can purchase product worth 24000 on or after 1st Sept 2017.

Points to be noted:

AK is not responsible for changes in the products rates. Customers are requested to be fully cognizant of the risks that rise or fall in product rates can effect the value of the product booked by them. AK will not be responsible for decrease in credit note value of the products booked at the time of redemption due to fall in product rates.

Customers need to visit the nearest AK store along with ID proof to open a AKBO account. Further all the installments need to be paid at the AK store and there is no option to pay online.


The Glamorous Scheme, brought to you by AK, is one of the best products Purchase Schemes ever, leading to an easy purchase of AK store of your choice.Under the Glamorous scheme,you can buy for more than what you pay because AK will add a special discount at the end of the scheme.

The 10 months Plan

For Accounts opened prior to 1st Sept 2017, please refer Scheme Book for terms and conditions

Customers can associate the AKBO by visiting the nearest AK store along with ID proof to associate a AKBO. Further customer has options to pay monthly instalments by cash/cheque, card, online.
Under this scheme, you need to pay a fixed instalment amount on due date every month with AK for 10 months. From the end of the 10th month you will be eligible for a special discount which will vary from 55% to 75% of the first instalment, however customers can still get AKBO proportionate discount after completion of 6 months and 6 instalments payment. In this scheme minimum instalment value is Rs 2000 and it can increase to any amount as long as it is in multiples of Rs 1000. You will have to mandatorily close the account within 421 days from the date of opening the account
(Important Note: The amount invested in Glamorous Scheme would remain locked-in for 300 days from the date of enrolment without any exception)
For Example ( Only If all installments are paid on due date ).

A/C Opening Date Maturity Date Installment per month in Rs Discount on Jewellery purchase in Rs % of monthly installment
1st Jan 2017 1st Nov 2017 2000 1100 55%
1st Jan 2017 1st Dec 2017 2000 1300 65%
1st Jan 2017 1st Jan 2018 2000 1500 75%
1st Jan 2017 421st day 2000 1500 75%