30 May 2015


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A reputed brand name, you might have already used in home appliances products, serving you since 2013. AK has several awards in its name which further confirms the company's commitment to provide best quality

AK Brings To you Its Range Of Next Generation "AK" Home Appliances To Fulfill Needs Of Odisha's Kitchens.

With AK Smart Appliances, you can rest assured upon excellent quality, reasonable price , aesthetic looks and efficient after sales service. AK Smart Appliances enjoys the dealers, distributors & retailers all over Odisha who are supporting it for last so many years.

Its time to flaunt an AK Smart Appliance in your Kitchens. Pick Kitchen Appliances of your choice from a wonderful range. Save your cooking time.

AK Smart Appliances exists for better of all our stakeholders - customers, trade partners and the society at large. We fully comply with all governmental rules and regulations and follow proper accounting and tax procedures. With our trade partners our effort is to give them best-in-the-industry deals, discounts and products.

In AK Smart Appliances products are designed innovatively with local needs in mind and priced affordably leading to maximum customer satisfaction. Tested, Certified and Assured Quality - AK Smart Appliances has a 'No Compromise' Policy on Quality.

Availability of Wide Range of Products across all the categories to cater to all kinds of customers.

Its not just the product or price counts today. Personalized brand, personalized packaging, timely deliveries, these supreme services benefits our customers business and most of all we share our knowledge to support our customers business. Products of AK Smart Appliances are to make your life more simple and comfortable at home. Creative product design and packaging makes up an exclusive value addition package of our products and services. Products designed by AK Smart Appliances are Reliable and to make your life Simple at home. Our aim is to simply provide our valued customers with product which add value to their life and also to build an everlasting relationship. HAPPY MOMENT

AK Smart Appliances provides logistical solutions to ensure adequate stock and timely deliveries for customer delight.

AK Smart Appliances uses QR Code for creating product information and uses Bar Code technology along with unique lot and series number for identification of products and after sales services. AK Smart Appliances uses soothing elegant and trendy packaging to attract consumers of all levels and to create brand recall.

AK Smart Appliances has in-house creative designing for its products, packaging and branding.

Creative and unique packaging to maintain uniformity across all the product & categories.

Creating and managing Sub-brands in each product category.

AK Smart Appliances ensure requisite stock of spares along with trained technicians at its well equipped after sales service centre.

Team AK Smart Appliances constantly works to implement innovative methods to create further Brand awareness including distribution of various promotional materials and gift articles.

If AK Smart Appliances complies with the above Branding concepts then,

"YES AK Smart Appliances"

Inherent Values of AK Smart Appliances

1. Reliability
2. Truth
3. Commitment
4. Unity

Energy Efficient, Environment Friendly, Simple & Reliable AK Smart Appliances puts them all together and thus is called a second name of TRUST in the industry.

AK Smart Appliances is a manufacturer /exporter of domestic electrical machine or electrical equipment that is used for a specific purpose in the home, which is called to be Home Appliance.

AK Smart Appliances started with a modest beginning and today is targeting the world as its market. At the group level AK Smart Appliances is involved in the activity of International trade since more than 2 decades.

Working with a wide range of appliances over a long period of time and by regularly moving high volumes, we have achieved a good reputation in the production and sourcing field which help us to meet the competitive targets of our discerning customers in the world market.

Right from design to production and from Marketing to After-Sales Service, we have put in dedicated efforts and professional commitment. This has resulted in accelerating our progress and maturity in the industry and making us a force to reckon with.

AK Smart Appliances is extensively marketing its products in European, Caribbean and African markets. All our products have a high level of customization keeping in view the specific needs and requirements of the consumers of these markets. AK Smart Appliances is an association of professional, hard working business people.

We are happy to provide a Branding Services for appliance and other products. Its not just the product counts today, supreme services benefits your business and thus AK Smart Appliances provides special services according to each customers need. Most of all, we share our knowledge with our client to support their business.

Be it our Home Appliance products and other products that are the outcome of Branding and operational excellence to assemble every necessitate of consumers or the group behind these products that come from a broad range of backgrounds, everything we do features a distinct AK Home Appliances way.

we believe that prompt delivery is essential in the competitive world today and thus we always work towards fulfilling our delivery commitments.

here is a great emphasis on quality checks at every step of the process. A careful evaluation is conducted during each step of the operation to ensure that excellence prevails throughout.There is a great emphasis on quality checks at every step of the process. A careful evaluation is conducted during each step of the operation.

With our fully equipped facilities, highly skilled people, production cost had been controlled efficiently and in turns we are able to provide customers unbeatable prices.

Welcome to AK Smart Appliances Support. Find out more information, voice your questions and concerns, and help us make your AK Smart Appliances experience better here.

AK Smart Appliances has all the spare parts available for its product range to provide further rapid support to the product To find availability for any of our product spare parts contact our consumer care department or e-mail: help@ akhomeappliances.in

The company is dedicated to providing consumers with products of best quality & reliability.
AK Smart Appliances is working together with their supplier with constant efforts to innovate & improve on their existing product line to go well with the needs of the customers.
AK Smart Appliances has established relationships with all Stakeholders, Customers & Suppliers based on strong mutual trust and respect.
Our customers & Suppliers are extremely important part of our company. So with the help of this website we are trying to improve our relation. If you want to become our Customer/Supplier/Distributor, you can find our details on Contact Us.

We have an extensive capability, which allows us to oversee every aspect of the development and production of every product. We closely monitor every project through each stage of production, providing a reliable product which makes life simple to the end user. Our impact team includes designers, engineers, product managers and quality control specialists. We enforce strict quality control through out the entire production process with our own team of engineers and quality inspectors.
Following the business principle of "Quality first" we constantly develop new products and improve technological level.

AK Smart Appliances gives a lot of emphasis on quality control and quick and orderly disposal of consumer including enquiries and complaints. We have established our service centre for this purpose. This service centre is equipped with all the necessary equipments, spare parts and manned by trained technicians. This will be in addition to our high level of product innovation, product guarantees and warranties that are being offered. Spares shall be made available for the further support to the product.

Garranty policy for AK range of products

Thank You for choosing AK and for becoming our valued customer

Read the manual instructions carefully before operating the product.

1. The unit will be repaired at our discretion and the Garranty is valid subject to the following:
2. Customer has to retain the invoice, Garranty card and the original box of the product Customer has to retain the label/series no. mentioned on each product.
3. The product should be installed, used and maintained strictly in accordance with the product manual- instructions provided.
4. The product should not be opened or tampered by anyone other than the AK authorized service centre technicians.
5. Customer should contact on telephones mentioned in the garranty card or on the packaging box or contact the retailer from where the product was purchased in case of any non functioning of the product.
6. In case of any reparation, the product has to be sent at the customer cost to the company appointed service centre or to the address given by the company to provide complete service to the customer.
7. The product shall be replaced only in case of manufacturing defects. There will be no refund of money or replacement of the product.
8. AK shall be liable up to the maximum of price charged for the product and will have no responsibility for any direct or indirect consequential damages of whatsoever nature.
9. The usage of the product has to be done correctly and strictly as per the instructions given in the products manual.
10. The product garranty shall not be applicable or lost if:
    (a) Defects caused to the product by improper usage or negligence in handling or
    (b) If damages occurred due to usage of power supply other than specified (220-240V-50z)
    Eg: - inverters, generators, etc & due to fluctuation in supply voltage.
    (c) If damages occurred by household pets, rats, cockroaches or any other animals or insects
    (d) If damages occurred resulting from accidents, misuse, mishandling, or any kind of     negligence on part of customer.
    (e) If garranty card is not filled with complete details and not presented to the service engineer     at the time of repairs.
    (f) Due to immersion of water in any electrical parts/components.
    (g) If any type of liquid is spilled on glass surface while it is hot, and the glass may break.
    (h) Warranty is not covered for the Glass surface, plastic body parts, surface coating,
11. The product shall be repaired and handed over to the customer free of cost only in case of manufacturing defects.
12. The customer shall be charged the cost of defective parts as per the warranty terms and conditions given in the warranty card along with the product.
13. Any verbal commitments/assurances/promises/ given by any of the company's employee and or the management not be considered at all for reimbursements.
14. It is mandatory that the customer should abide by the manual instruction for the proper and correct usage of the product and follow the warranty policy in case of any improper functioning of the product.
15. Preserve the warranty card and purchase invoice and ensure that they are duly stamped and signed by the retailer.
16.Use only flat bottom metal utensils on infrared induction cooktop, to avoid any type of breakage or damage to the glass surface or to its electrical and electronic components.
17.For Best results use only up to 3ltrs of pressure cooker on induction cooktops. The series number mentioned on the product has to be preserved for the warranty to remain valid. Terms and conditions may be changed or alter without prior notice, always keeping in mind the customer safety.

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